Médecin généraliste
WARNING : Recommandations Covid 19

In order to ensure a maximum of security concerning the Covid 19 pandemy, see hereunder a few recommandations : 
1/ If you have suggestive symptoms of Covid 19 or if you have a doubt, don't ask for an appointment but contact me by phone (preferably by SMS) 0475902821
2/ The consultations by phone are of course still a option for all situations that we can handle as far as the Inami allows them
3/ The wearing of mask is highly recommended, I wear one myself


If you encounter any problems to take an appointment with this new website don't hesitate to text me on my cellphone 047590282.
It's easier if you look first at the time slot that suits you before contact me (it's possible even if you are not registred)


* JULY : - from Thursday 16 to Tuesday 21 inclusive
* AUGUST : - from Wensday 12 to Thursday 27 inclusive

If you need to see a doctor before my return you may go to the de medical clinic Athena  or joint "la Garde Bruxelloise" +32 2 201 22 22
If you want to cancel an appointment without any charge, please do it at least 12 hours before the consultation.

Louise Santé
Av Louise 174/2
1050 Bruxelles